School Safety Policies and Guidelines for Employees, Visitors, and Students

S.Y. 2020-2021

    1. Prior to the resumption of operation, sanitation in all areas and its equipment are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected regularly and is done every two hours of the day each and every day and thoroughly in accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of Health in areas such as Training facility Offices and common areas.
    2. Foot baths, alcohol, sanitizers, wipes, or other disinfectants, and hand soap including adequate water supply is made available and is accessible to all persons inside the school premises.
    3. Visible signages and posters indicating mandatory wearing of face masks and observance of strict physical distancing within the training premises are posted.
    4. The school established coordination and communication mechanism with its maintenance team regarding aircraft maintenance and student instructions.
    5. Employees and personnel submit a medical clearance from any medical institution and Baranggay clearance stating that they are not a person Under Monitoring (PUM), Person Under Investigation (PUI) or a COVID patient for the last thirty (30) days and at the time of issuance before for work or training.
    6. The school regularly conduct a Health Monitoring Survey on all personnel and trainees to determine who are safe to work and/or train. Checking of health condition such as body temperature will be conducted regularly upon entry and during at the middle of the day.
    7. The school monitors all personnel and students entering the facility to safely keep local and international contact tracing records. Employees and student will be monitored twice, entry and during lunch break
    8. Employees, students and visitors who are found having symptoms of Covid 19 disease such as simple cough, colds and high body temperature using a thermal scanner assigned to the guard will be prohibited from entering the facility and will be encouraged to go and see a doctor for their health condition.
      1. The person will be contacted regularly to request for update on his/her health condition.
      2. In the event that a patient within the premises of the school facility is confirmed positive by the DOH, The management of the school will immediately lockdown the facility and conduct contact tracing procedures in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the DOH.
      3. The lifting of the lockdown shall be at the discretion of the DOH in the coordination with the Local Government Unit.
      4. The school will ensure that appropriate procedures in responding and handling of PUM, PUI and sick personnel/ trainees are strictly implemented
    1. The school will provide specific health guidelines to employees and other personnel in identifying the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Should anyone show any of its symptoms, that person shall be advised not to proceed and may be required to place on quarantine to prevent its spread. Everyone should be further reminded about the measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19, such as mandatory wearing of face masks within the premises of the facility, strict physical distancing, proper hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
    2. The school provided non-contact body temperature check, foot bath and sanitation area (with running water and soap for washing of hands and sanitizer) before entering the premises of the school facility.
    3. All personnel shall have a maximum body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, they will be advised to go home and unless a pressing need to go to a health facility for medical consultation, if virtual consultation is not possible.
    1. All personnel must at all times wear face masks or cloth covering and strictly follow strict physical distancing as mandated by the DOH.
    2. All tools and materials shall be disinfected before and after use. Sharing of tools and materials is highly discouraged. Maintenance tools, if sharing is not avoidable, shall be disinfected thoroughly using the disinfection sprayer before and after every use.
    3. All personnel shall have a maximum body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, they will be advised to go home and unless a pressing need to go to a health facility for medical consultation, if virtual consultation is not possible

    1. Lecture
      1. Instructors and students will meet in their respective class though online learning platforms established by the school academic management.
    2. Laboratory Training
      1. Laboratory class schedule was arranged to avoid mass gathering and to maintain social distancing.
      2. Social distancing with an adequate gap of distance of 2 meters from each trainee shall be imposed in the laboratory.
      3. Laboratory instructor will allot a space with a working area to ensure proper distancing.
      4. Laboratory tasks are set in a way following the no face-to-face and by batch in order to facilitate strict social distancing. The class is divided into three (3) group. Each group will attend the class in different scheduled time. The laboratory class consists of the following:
        1. 1 hour – Pre Assessment examination no 1
        2. 1 hour – Laboratory Quiz no 1
        3. 2 Hours On site Laboratory no 1
        4. 2 hours – Receiving of Materials for home laboratory group work
      5. The Head of Training shall check the quality of the lesson being held and shall ensure the compliance of the above safety measures at all times.
      6. Each classroom shall be cleaned regularly and disinfected, including the door knobs, before and after use.
    3. Simulator Training
      1. Instructor and student shall bring only the necessary materials inside the classroom and shall wear face mask and disposable gloves throughout the session.
      2. Simulator training must be in “one on one” session. Strictly no observers shall be allowed.
      3. Enough time should be provided for the disinfection of the training area and equipment before the next use.
      4. After each session, instructor and student should throw their disposable gloves in the designated trash bins, wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or use hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol.
      5. Simulator equipment, material, materials and tools shall be disinfected thoroughly after each session.

    For health and safety, wearing of face mask is strictly enforced within the school at all times. It is not permissible to enter the school and all its parts without wearing a facemask or cloth covering on anyone.


    The school ensures that Aircraft, Classrooms and Equipment are disinfected and regularly to include high touch areas every two (2) hours such as toilets, door knobs, switches, and at least once a day for workstations and other surfaces.

    0.01% CHLOROX to 10 ml solution or 1 ml commercial CHLOROX (Zonrox) to 9 ml water.

    Everyone in the school is strongly encouraged to practice hand washing for twenty seconds and to use hand sanitizer or alcohol.


    Subject to the existing IATF, DOH Community Quarantine Health Protocols and while CAAP is ensuring the unhampered delivery of vital services to the Aviation Industry, the strict policy of NO VISITORS ALLOWED, shall be implemented in all of the school premises, during the period of General Community Quarantine Status or until further notice.

    In case the NO VISITORS ALLOWED is lifted only scheduled visitors will allowed to enter the campus.

        1. For vehicle owners, only three vehicles will be allowed to park properly in designated school parking areas.
        2. There are proper walking paths for everyone and a proper waiting area at the school to keep social distancing intact.
        3. Acquisition of materials, borrowing of tools and returning of the tools will be carried out only in the areas assigned at the front of the school.
        4. Temperature
        5. Contact tracing

    Employees, visitors and students are expected to be respectful and obedient to the school health and safety rules at all times.

    There are areas in the school that do not allow visitors to enter.


    Prior to entry, inspection of bags and personal items carried by the designated security guards will be strictly enforced.

    2-meter social distancing is strictly implemented in all areas within the school. There are designated waiting areas where sanitation is practiced regularly.

    School employees are not allowed to leave school for breaks and during working hours.


    With the strict implementation of Social Distancing and the rules and guidelines implemented by the IATF For the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the school will do it’s best to protect the health and safety of visitors and staff and provide positive competent intervention and appropriate sanctions if in the event of a violation committed by the visitors and ensures that they comply with the legal and proper procedures implemented by the Department of Education, Civil Law, and Criminal Law.