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we provide students with knowledge and skills in the field of aircraft maintenance such as identifying, inspecting, troubleshooting aircraft structural, repairing structures and system for aircraft and other aerospace vehicles.


DPR-Pats is now accepting applicants for college and senior high school students



AMT Admission Forms

SHS Admission Forms

You can use the following Links or QR Code to access the forms for Admission

Note: be reminded about the task of scanning QR code or clicking the Link of the correct course and year for your enrollment. It is crucial to ensure accurate selection to avoid any unnecessary confusion or delays in your academic journey. Thank you.


  1. Application and examination is done onsite.
  2. Fill out the Application form to be sent through your email by the Admin Officer.
  3. Passing the examination is not the only sole basis for admission to some cases. The admissions department will randomly pick applicants that require additional entry assessment in the form of an interview.
  4. The following are grounds for disqualification, forfeiture of slot, and/or debarment:
    * Misrepresentation of information entered in the application form.

    * Violation of the application instructions
    * Non-submission of documents on time to confirm one’s enrollment, if qualified
    * Submission of missing, incomplete, or false documents
    * Failing to attend the scheduled exam date for 3 times.

  5. Feel free to email us at for any question or clarification.

For Old Students or former SHS Students

  1. No remaining balance from previous school year.
  2. Must have their copy of their grades.
  3. Otherwise, if student has previous unpaid school fee
    * Settle first the unpaid fees.

For New Students

  1. Has completed required documents.
  2. Has completed and passed the entrance examination.
  3. Otherwise, you may send a message to our Facebook Page for inquiries and scheduling of entrance examinations.

1. Applying students must have the following;

• Gmail account for general instructions and results of the exam.
• Applicants must have two devices: A personal computer with webcam, laptop or mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet or iPad. They will use the first one to share their screen while they take the exam. The second one is for the proctor to see and hear them so they must open their camera and unmute their microphone while they take the exam.
• Stable Internet connection.

2. AMT and SHS Applicants must join the google meet with the link provided by their exam proctor.

3. Students will be answering a student information form given by the proctor of the exam.

4. Exams will be taken simultaneously by all of the examinee on each schedule. 

5. Only limited time to each type of examination will be given

• Written Exam – 60 minutes
• Practical Exam – 30 minutes
• Applicants Personal Statements – 30 minutes

6. If applicants will experience technical issues during the examination period, three attempts will be given and if still problem occurs, optional methods will be introduced to them.

7. Results will be given via email 3 to 5 working days prior to their examination date.

8. Passing applicants should present all the requirements to the office before having the admission complete.

9. Non-passing students will contacted by the school to give further instructions.

STEP1 – Pay through available payment options below.

Payment options:

  1. Bank deposit, online bank transfers
    • Bank:
      • BDO – Concepcion Branch – Savings Account
    • Account Name:
      • DPR – Philippine Academy in Technology and Sciences
    • Account Number:
      • 000330516159
  1. Gcash bank transfer
    • Same accounts as above
    • Indicate account number only in both Account Name and Account Number
  1. Maya QR
    • You may use the QR code to settle the fees

  1. Credit Card Payment
    • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Bancnet, JCB and Amex
    • Applicable convenience fee will apply
  1. Check Payment
    • Check Name: DPR-Philippine Academy in Technology and Sciences Inc.

STEP 2 – Send the proof of payment via email to our Accounting Office at

SUBJECT LINE: Tuition Fee_for_<department>_<Student Name>
Sample: Tuition Fee for AMT Juan Dela Cruz
Sample: Tuition Fee for SHS Juan Dela Cruz

STEP 3 – Wait for the Accounting Office to send an email in 2 to 3 days for the verification of payment.

For the release of the official receipt, please bring the original copy of the transaction slip for cash deposit. For online banking, please print the screenshot or image of your transaction. Official Receipt is available for is available for pick up three days after payment has been made.

The Accounting Office is open from Monday to Friday at 0800H – 1200H and 1300H – 1600H and on Saturdays from 0800H – 1200H. For accounts inquiries and concern, you may contact us at 0917-327 7287 or send an email at


1.Form 138 Junior High School Card or ALS Card and Certificate
2.Certificate of Good Moral
3.Original PSA copy of Birth Certificate 
4. Latest 2 pieces of colored 2×2 and 1×1 picture

1.S.H.S. Card (Any Strand)
2.Cert. Of Good Moral
3.Photocopy of Birth Cert.
4. 2pcs 2×2 and 1×1 picture (colored)

1.Transcript of Records
2.Cert. Of Good Moral
3.Photocopy of Birth Cert.
4. 2pcs 2×2 and 1×1 picture (colored)
5.Honorable Dismissal

Application Procedure

  1. Click the orange Set Exam Appointment Button
  2. After filling out the form, the admissions department will call the applicant to confirm the said schedule. 
  3. You may start submitting your requirements to


5. Deadline of submissions of requirements will be upon enrollment. Incomplete requirements will delay your enrollment.

Schedule for Application

The application for College and Senior High School is open.

College: July 12, 2023 
Senior High School: Wait for Announcement

May 2024

An applicant may apply to any program regardless of their Senior High School (SHS) track or strand. Applicants who graduated with the different strand and from other school, will undergo bridging program for the month of May, June or July.

The course will cover specialized subjects that is currently included in our Aviation Senior High School, which is credited in our Aviation Maintenance Course.

The admissions will look into your performance in the last 2 academic years.  For college applicants, all your Grade 10 and Grade 11 grades are required. For Senior High School applicants, all your Grade 8 and Grade 9 grades are required.

Students will need to have an internet connection during online classes. An iPad with the latest IOS is recommended to access the books, other references, and to monitor the student’s progress in real time. During an examination, the students need to be seen in the camera and the gadget or electronic device they are going to use in the examination.

The program will be delivered in the combination of online and onsite campus learning. While lecture classes will be done online, the laboratory classes is 70% home-based and 30% onsite assessments. 

Instructors will notify the students about their schedule of onsite laboratory assessment. 

As part of our safety protocols, we have placed safety measures to ensure everyone’s health and well-being. Our Safety Department has scheduled disinfection to classrooms, work areas, and hangar area and additional means of contact tracing and policies in accordance to the minimum health standards of the Inter-Agency Task Force Against Covid 19 (IATF). Please refer to the school’s website about our safety protocols.

The student who is working and would like to continue the BS degree program can enroll as a regular student or an irregular student. As a regular student, he or she abides to the class schedule available. If the student is an irregular student, night classes is preferred in which the student can only enroll 2 to 4 subjects in one trimester. The student shall submit a certificate of employment for evaluation and approval of the Academic Head.



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