Learn More About Us and Our Past

DPR-Philippine Academy in Technology & Sciences is committed to provide excellence in its academic program. Its graduates are prepared to enter into life’s mainstream as mature individuals capable of fulfilling their roles.

Our course provides different learning approaches designed for the students to learn and to adapt to the required skills, the most effective and practical way without compromising standards and controls.


Our History

DPR-PATS was established in 1981 by its founder Capt. Daniel P. Rivera, a pioneer military, general aviation, commercial pilot, flight instructor, test pilot, and a businessman.

The history of DPR-Philippine Academy in Technology & Sciences (DPRP.A.T.S.) is rooted in a humble past. Her story is simple yet noble. After Thirty Nine (39) years of dedicated public service in the field of education, it stood as a proud institution of learning, dedicated to broadening the general aspect of technological education to prepare youth for tomorrow’s competitive world.

Our Mission

Provide quality academic and technical training programs to prepare future aviation professionals achieve excellence, discipline, and integrity in a safe and respectful environment.

Our Vision

To be the leading training organization in aircraft maintenance and aviation related courses though quality teaching and innovative learning experience. We will cultivate opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to participate in the community and professional activities to enrich their lives and the community.

Our Founder

a pioneer military, general aviation, commercial pilot, flight instructor, test pilot, and a businessman, founded Pilipinas Aero Technical School in 1981. Capt. Rivera was also the first Filipino pilot to fly a trainer plane on alcohol fluid.

Captain Daniel P. Rivera

Our Facilities
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Lecture Rooms
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(044) 233 4478
Hangar, Plaridel Airport,Lumang Bayan Plaridel, Bulacan

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