General Guidelines for the On-site and Home Laboratory Practices


What is onsite laboratory?

Students will report in school to perform hands-on activities for specific tasks which cannot be performed at home due to conditions such as size of the aircraft or engine, or complexity of the task which is risky for equipment damage.

How many students are going to school for the onsite laboratory?

To practice social distancing, 8-10 students only are scheduled per batch to perform hands-on activities. One workstation is assigned to one student only. Each workstation is sanitized before and after it is used by the student.

Who are present to facilitate the laboratory task and to implement safety? 

Each day, there are 4 – 5 instructors who are present to guide students in the opening and closing of laboratory. Moreover, safety officer is always present to ensure that safety protocols are followed.

How often will students report in school for onsite laboratory?

Out of 12 activities per module, the student is only allowed to complete 3 or 4 laboratory tasks in school.

Our area is in total lockdown due to the active cases of COVID-19 or my parents did not allow me to report in school. What will I do?

Send a letter to explain your situation to your instructor’s email address. Make sure that the letter is signed by your parent and one copy of his or her valid is attached. If available, attach the official advisory of statement issued by your local municipality.

What will happen to my grade if I did not attend the onsite laboratory? 

Since the course requires to enhance skills in AMT and perform tasks in the aircraft, you will be given time until the preceding trimester to complete the academic requirements. But you NEED TO COORDINATE with your instructor about the availability of the  schedule to perform the missed laboratory work.

What will I do at home if I did not attend the onsite laboratory?

The student will submit a portfolio for the onsite laboratory task he or she missed. The content and criteria shall be given by the instructors.

My parents allowed me to go to school and I have received a confirmation email about my schedule. What will happen if I did not report in school?   

The admission officer will call your parent or guardian to inform the status of your attendance.

My parents allowed me to go to school and I have received a confirmation email about my schedule but I am not feeling well. What will I do?

If you do not feel well, please stay home. Submit an excuse letter to your instructor thru email. Make sure that the letter is signed by your parent and one copy of his or her valid ID is attached in the email.


What is home based laboratory?

The student will perform laboratory tasks at home. It involves hands-on activities with the use of small aircraft parts which can be transported with ease.

Some home-based laboratory tasks are done in groups. Am I allowed to work with my classmate in their home?

One aircraft part with a comprehensive task card will be given to the group leader or representative. One member will finish his part and this will be sent to another member to do his part until everyone in the group has completed the task. The groupings will be done by municipality to easily transfer the aircraft part from one member to another.

How will the instructor supervise the tasks of the students?

The laboratory tasks can be downloaded in iTunes University. During online classes, instructors will perform visual check and will give feedback to ensure that tasks are done properly through a video conference. Through home laboratory practices, students are trained to perform precise handling of parts and eventually gain full understanding of utilizing his/her own motor skills to do a complex job.

Some of my classmates are doing laboratory onsite. Do we still have online classes?

Yes. If your instructor is assigned in the onsite laboratory during the time of your class, his co-instructor will manage your class.

For other concerns or queries, you may contact your instructor or you may send an email to the Academic Head at